living in yes!



living in peace means living in yes. a whole-hearted 100% yes to this that is. it’s peaceful & wise.

it applies to everything! it’s not only for receiving good news, but also for receiving bad news.

yes yes yes

the challenge in this isn’t for you, it’s for the conditioned mind (and accompanying emotions) with its thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and concepts of how things should or shouldn’t be. and, of how people should or shouldn’t be.

the wisdom is in allowing everything and everyone to be exactly as they are. inwardly quietly, without judgments or opinions.

to find your conditioning, notice what happens inside when you read these words. allow every person, every situation, every thing, every place to be exactly how it is.

any opposition to this, or any fight with this, or any fear is conditioning, which, when truly seen, can be liberated.

simply stay here in the body and feel the energy. breathe. stay connected with the peace that is already here.

breathe breathe breathe

we don’t become doormats when we allow. we become much more powerful than we were. we can then act and speak from peace and therefore cause no further suffering.

everyone benefits from this yes.

please don’t believe any of this! try it for yourself and find out directly!



📷 ~ La Concepcíon Botanical Garden in Málaga