women's summer solstice satsang! #122



happy summer solstice!

we meet tonight!

so blessed!





summer solstice 2018


i am woken early on summer solstice morning

and gently pulled into our wild garden under a blanket of clouds

with a jar of lemoned water to nourish my body

an hour is spent watering and communing with the miraculous beings called roses

and all the other green growing beings-of-magic

a wind blows through bringing a welcomed refreshment

while the hums whiz around at lightning speed

the kitchen then becomes my dance floor as

breakfast cookies! are made, and celery juice and finally, almond matcha latte

we then sit on stools at our newly built breakfast bar

that tomas created with his hands

from a piece of recycled wood he found

and lovingly spent hours preparing 

since i had apparently said how wonderful it would be

to sit at the window together and look out at the garden and the trees and the sky

and so now, shoulders touching, we sit

happily munching and sipping

delighting in the antics of our current visiting hummingbirds

and viewing (i’m almost swooning over) the miraculous beings

(how could they just be called roses? and who isn’t a miraculous being?)

i sit in awe and wonder and gratitude

contemplating blessings and miracles and magic

hearing the call of mary oliver i wander joyfully through her poetic offerings

oh, my

such an abundantly luscious morning 

of my favourite day of the year

and this is just the first day of summer!

how did i get so blessed?