stillness meeting #21!

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we meet and do nothing!

this is in the truest sense of doing nothing.

we step out of time and mind. 


we enter the present moment fully and completely.

we leave the thinking function alone and simply attend to the inner stillness.

this is a conscious choice as to where we place our conscious attention.

a shift happens.

the thinking naturally becomes quiet.


in being our essential self we discover ease and effortlessness and relaxation and contentedness.

not to mention, joy!

oh, and peace.

the Heart opens.

we feel a connectedness with all beings.

there's a felt sense of aligning with the Universe (All That Is) and experiencing the magic and miracles and transformation and liberation that comes with this.

plus, the insights and answers and revelations and creativity.


everyone is welcome!

no previous experience is necessary.

this isn't religious or therapy or self-help or even spiritual.

it's simply getting together and truly being.