love & magic from spain!


we arrived into the warm arms of spain just after sunset under a clear sky and the harvest full moon and were greeted not only by our dear friends, who gently transported us into the magical evening to our home-for-the-week in the mountains, but also by my mother-in-law (who is no longer in form). needless to say, it was a delightful surprise! 


it’s been almost a year since we’ve journeyed through this dear land, deeply imbued with the essence of the divine feminine. such a strong sense of a profoundly beautiful & miraculous journey ahead is with me! my heart is smitten! 


this afternoon during lunch i was given a great insight. plus, i learned a new spanish word! our friend was telling us (in spanish) about a group of students she is teaching and said that sometimes they can seem a little “disperso”, which translates as being dispersed. she motioned with her hands to show that they had wandered away in their mind. such a great way to describe “lost in thought”! when you are dispersed, you’re not giving your full complete attention to this moment. you’ve dispersed your energy! when you give total attention, meaning there’s no separation between you and now, perhaps you are gathered together (the opposite of dispersed). your energy is one!





happy blessed magical miraculous adventures to you!


deep bows of love & gratitude 




📷 1 ~ plumeria in the morning sunshine at the front door 

 📷 2 ~ quan yin from horsham