Intention Intention Intention!


Years ago, I studied a specific kind of energetic healing, a potent transformative field technology, which also included a study of intention. With time and experience, I've come to realize the importance of intention and have invited it more and more into focus and practice. I've come to see and experience clearly, that what I focus on gets bigger. What I give my attention to, meaning what I feed with presence, becomes my reality. So, when I focus on 'my' essence, the ever-present vibrating life force and stillness, and have the intention to stay aligned with this while I attend to the daily activities, that's what I experience. This is effortless; there's no work in it or forcing. Yes, there's a concentrated focus, yet it's relaxed. It's playing! 


There can be a broad intention, for example, for the dance of this life... 100% aligned with the One (God, Consciousness, the Universe, Allah, All That Is, The Mystery, the Source...) and here in service... lovingly and blissfully devoted to what I've come here to do, 'my assignment'. 


There can be an intention for the day... 100% aligned with the One and surrendered & obedient to the instructions that I hear, performing each action with gratitude, love and joy. And, there's an intention for a specific task... 100% aligned with the One and shopping for the groceries... with peace and joy and efficiency, finding exactly what's needed... in 10 minutes! Or for meeting with a friend... 100% aligned with the One and adoring the oneness that we are while we speak and interact.


Those of you who know me, know that I love to play and I love to experiment. I find it great fun to experiment with intention and see what happens. Some intentions require fine tuning. And of course, they must come from the heart. The heart is aligned with the One. Intention is truly about playing with energy... focusing life force and feeding something or nothing! with presence. An intention is a container, the same as a beautiful hand-woven basket. It infuses whatever is put into it with itself.


I've come to know deeply that there is a great power behind intentions. The power of the One. When there's no one doing the creating (meaning this isn't created from separation or fear or greed), we get to experience true creation... creating in the unborn (the field) through intention, completely aligned with the One, the Source. 


It's essential to stay present with the creation to what's unfolding. Is it matching the intention? 100%? Is there a discrepancy? If so, what's needed to bring them into alignment? Usually, it's simply revisiting or restating the intention and focusing conscious awareness. Feed the intention with presence.


Years ago, as a counselling student, I learned a fun system. It's called PIE! P is for planning, I is for implementing, E is for evaluating. We can bring PIE to intention... focus, be still and listen, to the intention of the heart (planning), which may come instantly or may require a moment or two of silence. Next, feed the intention with conscious awareness and watch the creation unfold (implementing). This requires taking the appropriate actions in the appropriate order... which is simply listening to the Divine instructions. Then, review what happened along with the intention and see what worked or what's needed (evaluating). It's PIE!


I've discovered that the keys to intention, conscious creation, are the playfulness, the love, and the alignment. The alignment is the most important. It’s the essential ingredient. A creation that is 100% in alignment with and guided by the One not only serves the One, it also serves the everyOne. The love is from the heart of our being, our essence, and is the driving force. With play there's lightness and openness and curiosity and wonder and joy.


I’m aware that the expression '100% in alignment with the One' can sound like there's two... me and the One. This two-ness comes from the nature of the language, which is based on two (subject and object). In reality, 100% in alignment with the One is pointing to this constant felt sense of conscious presence, the one essence.


So, right here in this moment, there's 100% in alignment with the One, waiting (being present to) and listening for the words that will be typed. There’s typing and reading and there are spaces of silence and spaces of no movement. And there’s the enjoyment of the creating, the creation, and the creator!


Yes, it’s true that many words are being used here to point to something that happens naturally and organically when we live as our true self, consciously and fully. Intention is happening all the time. Now we’re bringing conscious attention to it. Read and experience these words from your essence, from oneness, and what is here behind the words is revealed. The source of this creation is known deeply. Feed what is loved with presence and love and conscious intention and watch it grow!