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 May we be a refuge of Love & stillness for each other



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With the love and blessings and support of my spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, it’s my great joy to hold Stillness meetings. These meetings began in May 2002 in Vancouver, Canada and have expanded to include many places in the world.

I love meeting privately with individuals and couples, as well as publicly with groups for evening gatherings and weekend + longer retreats. The purpose of these meetings is to honour, support and nourish the Stillness within, becoming more stable as our essential nature.

✭ I’m available for private sessions Monday - Friday (Saturdays, if needed) in person (in my home in Vancouver, Canada), or by phone or with Skype or FaceTime.

I hold Meeting As Stillness groups on Wednesday evenings in Vancouver, Women’s Satsang on every other Thursday evening in Vancouver, and Women’s SATSANG de Mujeres every other Monday online with Spanish translation.

Along with my partner, Tomas, I hold annual retreats in Canada, the UK, and Spain.

I happily welcome invitations to hold a Stillness meeting in your living room. If this calls to your heart, please contact me.

Here’s my complete schedule.

I’d love to hear from you. You’re welcome to be in touch.

Blessings & much Love

~ Moni

Within the still sacred space that Moni provides, it is easy to find the inner stillness that is the essence of who you are.
— Eckhart Tolle

✭ upcoming meetings ✭

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Meeting As Stillness

vancouver, canada

April 24


Women's Satsang

vancouver, canada


Women's SATSANG De Mujeres

worldwide web live

The silence is worth more than a thousand lives, this freedom worth more than all the empires on earth. To glimpse that truth within yourself, for even just a moment, is worth more than all heavens, all worlds, all this, and all that.
— Rumi

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