Just like you, I'm not what I appear to be. I'm much deeper and vaster (just like you). It took awhile to truly realize this. Years ago, in December 1998, I met a spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, (before he became famous) and stayed as close as possible. I couldn't not do that. My heart wouldn't let me. I attended everything possible that he offered (wherever it was), worked as his personal assistant for a few years and held a strong intention for a 'quantum shift in consciousness'. As a result of this love of Consciousness, of these profound teachings & teacher, a strong determination/commitment, and through Grace, something happened. Well, actually and truly, nothing happened. I realized this that we all are, our formless true nature, this one awakened consciousness. It’s not who I thought I was. And, I discovered that I am always here and always have been. This realization is a shift beyond thinking and concepts and beliefs, beyond a limited, suffering, fearful self. It’s a constant sense of unfathomable Presence, a sense of connection with all beings, a sense of deep compassion. i invite you to join me here fully.


I live in Vancouver, Canada with my Love, Tomas.

I hold Stillness Meetings, which I love.

Tomas & I hold retreats together in Canada, the UK, and Spain, which I also love.

I share what touches my heart. 

May you be blessed with all that touches your heart deeply.


May you be peaceful.

May you be happy.

May you be well.

May you be safe.

May you be free of suffering.

May you be liberated.