☆ satsang in the garden ☆


#7 is the most recent Satsang in the Garden recording filmed in my garden in Vancouver, Canada on 22 September 2017. 

A short blurb of the channel description on my YouTube channel reads ~ 

home-made unscripted videos in my garden of satsang, meetings in the Now, with the focus on our essential formless nature, the beingness.

Stay tuned for more videos (once this website project is complete)!

Thank You for joining me and simply being.


Now, here's the more in-depth blurb about my background and how these videos came to be:


Eckhart & I first met on a late autumnal Sunday afternoon, 13 December 1998, in Vancouver, Canada at his publisher's home during a celebration of his recently published first book, The Power of Now. This meeting was sacred and changed my whole life. I spent the next several years staying very close to Eckhart and attending as many of his meetings and retreats (wherever they were held) as possible. I couldn't not do that. My heart wouldn't let me. I also worked as his personal assistant for a few years. As a result of this intensive period in his energy field and through Grace, I came to realize this that I am, this that I've always been. A shifting of consciousness happened, and over some time, a stabilizing as this. 

I'm deeply grateful to Eckhart for the teachings and wisdom and humour and friendship and love and support that come through him, but mostly I'm grateful for him ~ the profound, immense, pure, clear, vibrant, peace-filled space.

I'm also so grateful for his master gardening skills. During a visit together, in the summer of 2015, over homemade banana bread and honeyed tea, we gardened together in the formless realm. He planted seeds. He encouraged me, no, he strongly urged that my meetings (which I've been holding since 2002) be video-recorded and posted on YouTube, shared with the world. He spoke to me of our (his & my) responsibility to help balance the consciousness on the internet, to bring more consciousness. After several months and several unsuccessful attempts at indoor video recording of my weekly satsangs, Meeting As Stillness, the idea of mini spontaneous satsangs in the garden came to me. A seed began to sprout!

I love gardens and being in them. I love flowers (roses, especially!) and hummingbirds and photographing them and I love learning new skills. Plus, I love satsang (meetings with the focus on our essential nature ~ the beingness).

These home-made, initially 10-ish minute long and now about 40 minutes long videos, Satsang in the Garden, are the fruits of the seeds planted last August. They are a one-woman creation, using a video camera, my photographs and newly gained limited skills at video editing and movie making. I'm grateful to Tomas, my partner, who has helped greatly with technical computer challenges. I'm so enjoying the creative process from start to finish. I'm grateful to you for watching these videos and for being with me in the garden. I'm very happy to hear from you with comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas or creative input. Thank you!